Public Service Step #1

The first step is to get involved in local government by going to a meeting. This can be a council meeting or the next school board meeting. But this is the beginning and the first step.

Public Service Step #2

The second step is to speak during the “PUBLIC COMMENT” period of the meeting. During this time ask the governing board how you can get more involved.

Public Service Step #3

Follow up on your civic engagement, and go to the next government meeting in your neighborhood. Remember 90% of life and success is just showing up, so continue with your new endeavor, which is you helping your own government run well.

Civic Ambassadors make things happen in government.

You pay for the government, it’s your government, why not help run it?

Civic Ambassadors have secret meetings and plot for the betterment of society.

The people behind the Civic Ambassadors just want to see the function of government improved so all citizens can participate.

Next Steps…

The time has come today to get more involved in government. Follow the simple three step plan, and earn your first commissioned stripe as a “Civic Ambassador.”