Our Approach

Our goal is to pick specific projects, and work to accomplish them until they finally get finished. Our approach and philosophy is to never quit, never stop, and never give up, until the project is DONE.

Our Story

The principals and founding members of the “Civic Ambassadors” are former elected officials and community leaders looking to accomplish specific projects, and not spend hours and days in long government meetings accomplishing nothing.

Meet the Team

The “Civic Ambassadors” are more focused on specific projects, and are not concerned with who gets the credit. They are comprised of former elected officials and community leaders, many who have served as staff for high profile politicians and celebrities.

The People

Founder & CEO

Civic Duty is born of the people, and should be something everyone does on a regular basis. That is why the people are the founders and chief executive officers of the “Civic Ambassadors.”

The Community

Vice President

The patches and fabric of all people make up our community, and that is the society in which you live and work. Improving the community is part of our civic duty, which is why the community is the vice president of the “Civic Ambassadors.”

You. (Yes, you)


You pay taxes. Those taxes are used to run the government. Which makes you the chief financial officer of the government. Shouldn’t you be more involved in what your own hard earned money is spent on and used for?

Next Steps…

You first step is to “have a think” about what you can do to improve the community. Then send your policy proposal via email to staff@civicambassadors.org.